“The secret of producing a good photographic portrait is to engage the subject in a collaborative effort in which both parties bring something to the final result. Clearly this is something present in Robert Taylor’s engaging and provocative collection of characters.”
Terence Pepper – Curator of Photographs – National Portrait Gallery

“He gives his subjects their individuality and a voice,
as well as making the images unique to his own personal artistic and
cultural interpretation.”

referring to Robert’s use of short interviews:
“By including the voices of his subjects as they explore the surprisingly
complicated business of being themselves, the whole enterprise becomes
far more democratic, multi-sided and ultimately worthwhile.”
Terence Pepper – Curator of Photographs – National Portrait Gallery

I loved the photo session. Robert is a joy to work with. Robert employs techniques and exercises to relax the body and face. I felt unhurried, I trusted him and had a really good time. Denise

This picture makes me feel happy, proud and sexy. It makes me feel that maybe I’m not as bland as I sometimes fear Ive become. Louise
(see her photo “Louise Pregnant”in the WOMEN gallery)

I enjoy the warmth and relaxedness that comes out of this photo for me – it helps me realize that I am perhaps more at home with myself that I sometimes think I am. Tony
(see his photo in the MEN gallery)

It was fun. Robert came up with some ideas and so did I. I thought I pushed at some boundaries … I loved the variety of images we got from the shoot. Some flattered, some revealed, some exposed. Charles

“my nervousness was soon dispelled. Robert quickly put me at my ease, and his humour and professionalism ensured that it was a fascinating and enjoyable experience.”
Professor Dame Julia King FREng

“Robert has taken the most original, fun and elegant pictures I have seen by a professional photographer. He is as delightful as the photographs he constructs.”
Annie, a client in 2012 and 2013

“It was an hour of pampering indulgence, oodles of fun and most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. Ijeoma

“Doing the photo session was fun. As a child I was so uptight about my nakedness that I wouldn’t undress in front of others. Now I realise that my birthday suit is the best suit I own.” Mark
(See the picture “Big Tool” in the Sihouetted Plus Gallery)

“Exposing myself before the probing gaze of a camera required me to crash through several layers of self-hatred and fear. Up until then my nakedness resembling, as it sometimes did, the hollow-form of a concentration-camp internee  was a secret, rarely revealed except in the darkness of a bedroom. And yet I hoped the camera would find beauty where I couldn’t. The photographs produced an array of reflections, mirror-images, showing up all my fears and distortions but somehow managing to also capture the lightness in the dark – smiles and laughter, sexiness and sexuality, childhood and manhood. The session turned out to be a landmark in my recovery, during which I confronted not only what I hated about myself, but also what I liked, even loved. I would even say it helped me get better.”
(See the picture of Dylan in the Coloured Folks gallery)

“It lives with me: I luxuriated in trusting Robert. I knew we were co-creating and that gave me a freedom to delve and not be afraid even if I was surprised by what came up at times. My professional life can be burdened by wearing masks, to meet people at their point of need, so the shoot was about the opposite, baring more than just the body.” The Rev Neil Whitehouse


On The Pleasures of Indulging in a Limited Edition Print

“Green Michael has become a part of my world, it brings me as much joy today as when I first purchased it over ten years ago. I love growing with this work and how as I grow my appreciation and understanding of the piece evolves. It brings me such joy. I love how friends and family respond to the piece (see Green Michael in the COLOURED FOLK GALLERY) and how it always becomes a talking point. When I explain that the piece is not computer generated the amazement on their faces takes me back to my own first impressions!”
(see the picture Green Michael in the COLOURED FOLK gallery)

The Party/Event Experience

“Robert was the star of the show at our wedding. He set up a customised studio with lush fabrics – perfect for our theme, and throughout the event had a steady steam of guests having fun photos taken. Robert’s easy style encouraged them to ‘go for it’ and the pictures really show the differnet characters and personalities of our friends. … it just flowed, and our friends felt empowered to determine what they wanted and Robert quickly go into their thinking. Lots of posing, laughter and great picturess happened. We now have a unique reminder of our friends which we treasure, and I know many friends have copies of their pictures….

Informality with an uncompromising attention to detail.”

Annie of Marlborough