Gallery Notes

Most of the gallery titles on this site are self explanatory, but in some cases you may find some background information or context helpful.



A mixture of public and private individuals, portrayed in a variety of styles.


A mixture of public and private individuals, portrayed in a variety of styles.


In 2006 the UKRC* set out to celebrate the diverse contributions of women working in science engineering and technology by creating a special award to acknowledge outstanding achievement.

They commissioned Robert Taylor to create a collection of large scale portraits, ultimately intended to accompany/displace the gilded framed paintings of great men adorning the walls of many great academies, institutes, royal colleges and universities. A selection of these images now hang in places like The Royal Society, The Royal Academy of Engineering, the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London, as well as in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

Robert also initiated a series short written interviews with each subject, outlining their personal stories.

*UK Resource Centre was a UK organisation for the provision of advice, services and policy consultation regarding the under-representation of women in science, engineering, technology and the built environment. In 2011 it took over the leadership of the WISE Campaign, and in 2012 took on the WISE name.

for more information about the photographic exhibition see here


A collection  of relatively formal portraits of leaders, experts and national figures from various fields, commissioned by a variety of organizations.


A variety of pairings, couples, and groups photographed in a variety of styles and contexts.


A range of men active in various creative fields, some award winning and celebrated.


A collection of portraits and figures sampling Robert’s work with more of an accent on vivid colour.


A collection of figures and studies focused on particular body parts, textures, and experimental surfaces.


A collection of more graphic led images, including silhouettes and texture studies.


A set of black and white abstracted images exploring difference. The first 8 (reading rows from left to right) were conceived in collaboration with the dancer/choreographer Mark Lintern Harris.